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I hope everyone likes the change.

Unfortunately, google tracker data API doesn't allow to preserve dates and submitters in the bugs and comments, so all the old bugs will have me as owner and poster of everything. But i've put dates and names into comment and bug bodies.

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DeaDBeeF 0.5.2 is out

downloads: i686 static binary and source tarball

git tag: "0.5.2"

changelog since 0.5.1


There is now Google+ page of the Deadbeef player

i will try to post news and updates more frequently there, so please subscribe if that's your kind of thing.

Deadbeef on G+


DeaDBeeF 1.0.0 for Android has been released to Market

Market link

Free plugins sources

there are really countless changes, i wouldn't dare even trying to remember them all and list them here.. but market page should have a few.

in a nutshell, this release is based on deadbeef 0.5.1 codebase, with few android-specific tweaks here and there, plus completely new gui, new EQ, etc.

ad-free version should be coming soon.

right now, the free version 1.0.0 (with ads) is almost unrestricted, except there's no widget, and there are few admob banners -- "pro" version will remove banners, and will add widget. that's basically it for now.

few tricks:

other stuff should be mostly self-explanatory, but feel free to ask questions here.

have fun!


DeaDBeeF 0.5.1 bugfix release is ready

downloads: i686 static binary and source tarball

git tag: "0.5.1"

changelog since 0.5.0


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