DeaDBeeF 0.5.0 Beta2 is ready for testing

download link

changes since beta1 build:

and many other fixes.

thanks to everyone who helped by sending bug reports!

hopefully, the next build will be RC1

upd: i've uploaded few converter presets. grab archive from this link, and unpack into ~/.config/deadbeef/presets/. this way you'll get following encoders in Converter: mp3 (lame), wav, flac, ogg. you will need to have appropriate cmdline encoders to be installed, except wav -- it uses built-in function.

upd2: short instruction how to use resampler and other DSP plugins:

  1. go to Edit -> Preferences -> DSP
  2. click Add
  3. select "Resampler (Secret Rabbit Code)", and click OK
  4. select the added plugin from list, and click Configure
  5. set desired samplerate and algorithm
  6. close Preferences window
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