The plugins are additional components, that can extend the DeaDBeeF player with new features. See below for description of what each plugin does.


This software is provided ‘as-is’, without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the authors of DeaDBeeF Player be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.

Unless stated otherwise, the plugins listed here have not been made by DeaDBeeF Player developers.

Please refer to the licensing/copyright information of each specific plugin for additional information.


Download and extract .zip, copy the plugin to ~/.local/lib/deadbeef/

In the portable builds, it’s possible to unzip directly into deadbeef folder.

Information for plugin developers

If you want your plugin to appear here, please refer to DeaDBeeF Plugin Builder page.

Headphone crossfeed (bs2b)224c2cf i686
Headphone crossfeed plugin using libbs2b by Boris Mikhaylov.

Please note, that this effect only works for stereo sound.

[Author's website]
RAR, 7z and Gzip archive readerfd8d74c i686
play files directly from rar,7z and gzip archive files
[Author's website]
Copy infov1.0.2 i686
Copy information about selected tracks to the clipboard using a custom format
[Author's website]
Customizable toolbar for GTKUI(GTK2)5df8f49 i686
This plugin implements customizable toolbar widget that could be used
instead of deadbeef's default fixed toolbar.
Use deadbeef's layout design mode (View->Design Mode) to add toolbar
widget to layout.
To customize toolbar, while being in design mode, click with right mouse
button on a toolbar widget and select "Customize"

[Author's website]
File Browser47bc3fe i686
Simple file browser, based on Geany's treebrowser plugin

Project homepage:
Issue tracker:

If you don't want to use GTK bookmarks, you can create your own
bookmarks file to be used only by the filebrowser
(default file: ~/.config/deadbeef/bookmarks).

By default, the search bar filters the items visible in the tree by their full
path. When a search text is entered, only those items that contain the text
in their path are shown. When the search is cleared, all items are shown
again. The tree is expanded fully after some number of characters have
been entered into the search bar. Then the filebrowser will traverse the
full directory tree and check every file inside it. Note that this can take
a long time on large trees. The number of characters to trigger this behavior
can be adjusted in the options (default is 5 characters).

Each directory that is shown in the tree is searched for a coverart image
must have a specific name (like 'cover.jpg'). If it is found, it is shown
instead of the default folder icon. To speed things up, the thumbnail image
is stored to disk inside DeaDBeeF's cache directory.

There are different mouse-button actions when you click on a tree item:
* left-click to select (drag&drop to add to playlist)
* ctrl + left-click to multi-select
* shift + left-click to range-select (only works on same tree level)
* middle-click to replace append to playlist
* ctrl + middle-click to replace current playlist & start playing
* shift + middle-click to create new playlist
* ctrl + shift + middle-click to create new playlist & start playing
* right-click for popup menu
* double-click to replace current playlist & start playing
* ctrl + double-click to replace current playlist

It is also possible to execute key-press actions inside the tree view:
* left/right to navigate along tree hierarchy (move & expand/collapse)
* return to replace current playlist & start playing
* ctrl + return to replace current playlist
* shift + return to create new playlist & start playing

[Author's website]
Replay Gain Scanner64400aa i686
Calculates and writes Replay Gain tags, based on the EBUR128 spec.
Requires a GUI plugin, e.g. the GTK2 RG GUI plugin, to work.

[Author's website]
Musical Spectrum797e929 i686
Musical Spectrum
[Author's website]
Playback order menuff58d54 i686
A dropdown menu to switch between different playback orders
[Author's website]
Playback Status Widgetfce1de0 i686
Playback Status Widget
[Author's website]
Quick search1c69ffb i686
A widget to perform a quick search
[Author's website]
Replay Gain Control GTK2 UIc0788d4 i686
Replay Gain Control plugin
[Author's website]
Spectrogram8d1b371 i686
[Author's website]
VU Meter77930b4 i686
VU Meter
[Author's website]
Waveform Seekbar01e90fe i686
Waveform Seekbar
[Author's website]
Song Rating5db236e i686
Adds menu commands for rating songs, reads/writes the ratings from/to file tags.
[Author's website]
Infobar85debeadd327 i686
Infobar plugin for DeadBeeF audio player.
Fetches and shows:
- song's lyrics;
- artist's biography;
- list of similar artists.

To change the biography's locale, set an appropriate
ISO 639-2 locale code.
for more infomation.

You can set cache update period to 0 if you don't want to update
the cache at all.
[Author's website]
JACK output plugin62d1e6a i686
plays sound via JACK API
[Author's website]
Lyrics9b8def6626d0 i686
Lyrics plugin for DeaDBeeF music player
[Author's website]
Opus decoderv0.6 i686
Opus decoder using the libraries: libopusfile, libopus, and libogg,
and the DeaDBeeF oggedit library.

Can play from .opus, .ogg, or .ogv files if they contain an Opus audio stream.

Supports chained and multiplexed files (only plays audio streams), Opus or
Replaygain gain control, tag reading and writing, ICY station data, embedded
album art, and external or embedded cuesheets.

Context menu actions to:
- extract links from Ogg chained files and save them individually;
- extract the Opus audio stream from a multiplexed Ogg file and save it;
- embed artwork from the cover art plugin into a tag in the file.

[Author's website]
Stereo widenerd3990d7 i686
Stereo widener plugin
[Author's website]
RAR vfs3741d75 i686
play files directly from rar files
[Author's website]

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