The plugins are additional components, that can extend the DeaDBeeF player with new features. See below for description of what each plugin does.


This software is provided ‘as-is’, without any express or implied warranty. In no event will the authors of DeaDBeeF Player be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.

Unless stated otherwise, the plugins listed here have not been made by DeaDBeeF Player developers.

Please refer to the licensing/copyright information of each specific plugin for additional information.


Download and extract .zip, copy the plugin to ~/.local/lib/deadbeef/

In the portable builds, it’s possible to unzip directly into deadbeef folder.

Information for plugin developers

If you want your plugin to appear here, please refer to DeaDBeeF Plugin Builder page.

Headphone crossfeed (bs2b)224c2cf x86_64Headphone crossfeed plugin using libbs2b by Boris Mikhaylov.

Please note, that this effect only works for stereo sound.

[Author's website]
RAR, 7z and Gzip archive readerfd8d74c x86_64play files directly from rar,7z and gzip archive files
[Author's website]
Replay Gain Scanner64400aa x86_64Calculates and writes Replay Gain tags, based on the EBUR128 spec.
Requires a GUI plugin, e.g. the GTK2 RG GUI plugin, to work.

[Author's website]
Song Rating6c49480 x86_64Adds menu commands for rating songs, reads/writes the ratings from/to file tags.
[Author's website]
JACK output plugin62d1e6a x86_64plays sound via JACK API
[Author's website]
Opus decoderv0.6 x86_64Opus decoder using the libraries: libopusfile, libopus, and libogg,
and the DeaDBeeF oggedit library.

Can play from .opus, .ogg, or .ogv files if they contain an Opus audio stream.

Supports chained and multiplexed files (only plays audio streams), Opus or
Replaygain gain control, tag reading and writing, ICY station data, embedded
album art, and external or embedded cuesheets.

Context menu actions to:
- extract links from Ogg chained files and save them individually;
- extract the Opus audio stream from a multiplexed Ogg file and save it;
- embed artwork from the cover art plugin into a tag in the file.

[Author's website]
Stereo widenerd3990d7 x86_64Stereo widener plugin
[Author's website]
RAR vfs3741d75 x86_64play files directly from rar files
[Author's website]

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