DeaDBeeF 0.5.0 has finally arrived!

... after 2 betas, 1 rc and 6 months of development :)

downloads: i686 static binary and source tarball

git tag: "0.5.0"

i wanted to make 64 bit static build too, but it turned out that apgcc (from autopackage) doesn't work correctly with 64bit libs. that means, there won't be 64 bit static build in the nearest future - so if you have 64 bit system, there are following choices:

some important information

if you are building from tarball, and wondering where are the aosdk, DUMB, shn and some other plugins -- they are not there :) they were moved out of tarball to get the player into linux distributions with strict licensing policies, where they want clean tarballs, without any traces of code that's not GPL licensed.

but plugins are still in git, and they are in the static build archive. i will also prepare them as separate downloads a bit later.


posting "full" changelog since 0.4.4 here (extracted from ChangeLog file found in the tarball):

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