DeaDBeeF 1.0.0 for Android has been released to Market

Market link

Free plugins sources

there are really countless changes, i wouldn't dare even trying to remember them all and list them here.. but market page should have a few.

in a nutshell, this release is based on deadbeef 0.5.1 codebase, with few android-specific tweaks here and there, plus completely new gui, new EQ, etc.

ad-free version should be coming soon.

right now, the free version 1.0.0 (with ads) is almost unrestricted, except there's no widget, and there are few admob banners -- "pro" version will remove banners, and will add widget. that's basically it for now.

few tricks:

other stuff should be mostly self-explanatory, but feel free to ask questions here.

have fun!

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